Restaurant opens at 11am - Entertainment starts at noon with Jared Gray

December 1, 2018

11:45-12:00pm    DJ/Welcome/Intro Band
12:00-1:00pm    Jared Gray
1:00-1:30pm    Line Dance Lesson
1:30-2:30pm    Jared Gray
2:30-3:00pm    DJ
3:00-3:30pm    Line Dance Lesson
3:30-4:00pm    DJ
4:45-5:00pm    Line Dance Lesson
5:00-5:45pm    Whiskey, Cash and Roses
5:45-6:00pm    Line Dance Lesson
6:00-7:00pm    Whiskey, Cash and Roses
7:00-7:30pm    Line Dance Lesson
7:30-8:30pm    Benton Blount
8:30-9:00pm    Line Dance Lesson
9:00-10:00pm    Benton Blount
10:00-10:30pm    DJ / Line Dance Lesson
10:30-11:30pm    House Whiskey
11:30-12:00am    Line Dance Lesson
12:00-1:00am    House Whiskey