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With charming stage banter, playfully conversational writing style and perfectly blended harmonies, artists Jordan Anderson and Caleb Maitland have found in each other musically what some spend their whole life trying to find. The result is Aberdeen – offering fans a re-introduction to the classic duo.

“For us, everything’s even. There is no lead singer, or one person that seems to excel more in writing or musicianship. From lead vocals to writing, everything’s equally yoked.”

After performing a duet they’d written out called “Let Goodbye Have the Last Say,” the pair realized they were meant to be more than just co-writers. “People freaked when they heard us sing together,” said Anderson. From there, the rest you could say is history. Anderson and Maitland formed Aberdeen, and in 2018 they released their debut album, produced by Kent Wells (Dolly Parton).

The duo’s newest single, “Faith,” pays tribute to Maitland’s wife who recently survived breast cancer, and is dedicated to all the strong women out there who have overcome struggles.