Clayton Mann

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Clayton Mann is an American entertainer/singer/songwriter. The young Chicago native transplanted to Nashville three years ago, bringing his hard-charging, rock-inspired background with him. Clayton has managed to inject rock-n-roll into country music by blending traditional and contemporary country, all while adding the melodic riffs and fills of guitar-charging rock. You can catch his debut single, “COOLER,” and follow up single, “ONE DAY AT A TIME,” on all music streaming platforms.

The Nashville Rising Star carries the powerful range of a tenor that’s sweet on the high notes with enough baritone on the deep end to make your spine crawl. Extremely talented yet grossly underaged, Clayton began cutting his musical teeth in the dive bars of Chicago at just 11 years old. Professionally trained on guitar, Clayton is influenced by outlaw country Waylon Jennings and Johnny Cash overlayed with rock-n-roll influences Guns-N-Roses, AC/DC, and KISS. Peppering in some bluesy BB King and Elvis Presley, Clayton Mann manages to fade genre to the back and place live music back on the map. 

Clayton is sure to turn heads and bend ears with his old-school charm and stage presence. Be ready for a high-energy performance of some down-home country music peppered with a little bit of soul and some rock-n-roll!  You won’t want to miss this up-and-coming artist!