Jake Dodds

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Jake Dodds grew up listening to country music, tuning into the Grand Ole Opry and watching The Statler Brothers show on TNN with his grandparents every Saturday night.

Growing up in the 90s, Jake got hooked on Garth Brooks TV specials and country radio listening to Tracy Lawrence, Tim McGraw, and Tracy Byrd. As high school came and went, it was Brad Paisley and Kenny Chesney who helped a shy kid through those awkward teenage years of girls, football practice, and mowing lawns.

Jake had always dreamed of being a country music singer, but it was karaoke at local bars that led Jake to start a band in 2013. Fast forward nearly 6 years, and a lot has changed. Jake has been on the road playing more than 130 shows a year 4 years running, including 170 show dates in 2018. His many appearances on stage include starring as the opening act for 25 national shows since 2013 for many of country music’s biggest stars, all while releasing new original music and building a career of his own.