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From a young age, Lexi Lauren has used music and songwriting as a coping mechanism to deal with painful situations and to get through difficult times. “I’ve always had a really hard time putting my feelings into words, and I tend to bottle up my emotions and not talk to anyone about anything that’s going on in my life. Songwriting has given me an outlet to be able to express the way I feel and to articulate my thoughts and emotions through music. It’s my form of therapy,” says the Nashville-based singer/songwriter.

For the past two years, Lexi has spent her time honing and perfecting her artistry. Daringly honest storytelling lyrics mixed with captivating, upbeat melodies, Lexi’s sound is a seamless blend of pop, country, and contemporary/R&B. “My biggest focus in my life is to be able to touch as many lives as I possibly can. Music is insanely powerful and can be such a form of healing, and such a form of expressing emotion.  It’s scary to be so vulnerable with the world, but if I can create music that people can connect to, and my music can be something that makes people feel something – that’s my main goal.”

Lexi is currently writing and recording for her upcoming project and is working hard to get new music out in 2019. “ I want to be as open and honest as possible, both in my music and as a person. I have so many things in the works, and I’m so excited to get this new music out and to share my stories with the world.”