Paige Rose

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Paige Rose is a powerhouse vocalist that dares to be reckoned with. With influences from many different genres, Rose likes to say she takes her country music with a little “sass & soul”, channeling the many artists she grew up on, such as Shania Twain & Fleetwood Mac.

In June 2021 she released her latest single, “Just a House” that was inspired by the selling of her childhood home in Sioux City, Iowa. “We didn’t move around as a kid. My parents bought that house when I was two years old and I just turned 25, so that tells you how long we’ve been there.” Rose laughs. She then reminisces on the phone conversation she had with her mother when her mom stated it was ‘just a house’ and all of the memories they made would follow them as they went into this new chapter. This heartfelt song scored Rose a huge milestone in her career with her first radio interview and song debut on her hometown station.

Rose has been diligently working in Nashville, Tennessee on her much anticipated EP, “Not all Girls” that will be released late 2021.