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Paige Rose is a sassy, independent, and accomplished singer and songwriter. With a strong dedication to good music and finding the story in every song, Paige’s witty lyrics makes her different from the rest. She embraces her “tongue in cheek” style by writing bold music with no fear of holding back.

At a very young age, Paige knew she wanted to write music after hearing Shania Twain’s “Man! I Feel Like A Woman” and feeling empowered by the story it told. Because of this, Paige’s goal in her writing is to empower others and stay true to herself and her roots. “No matter where you are in your life, or how far you think you are from greatness, I want people to know if they persevere, they will come out stronger.”

Paige loves performing, and plays numerous shows a week at locations around Nashville such as The Wildhorse Saloon, The Row, Whiskey Room Live, and much more! “When I’m performing, it transcends me in a way that is indescribable. I love watching the people in the audience’s expressions change from song to song. It’s like they are on the journey with me.”

Having Mid-America roots, Paige says her hometown of Sioux City, Iowa taught her how to value people and their unique story. She has carried this value to Nashville, as she writes handwritten cards to fans and talks to as many people as she can after her shows.

Less than a year after her move to Nashville, Paige recently released her first single, “Brandy”. This heart-felt and passionate song has launched Paige into the country music world. “The song is about a touchy subject, that people don’t talk enough about. It’s a widely relatable topic, and this was my way of speaking up about a need for change.” Available for purchase and streaming.