Ten Year Town

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In the Summer of 2018, veteran Nashville guitarist and entertainer Matt McAtee had an idea. He had recently met a talented guitarist/ tenor vocalist named Spencer Maige, and the pair had done a few club gigs together in downtown Nashville.

Matt also had a longtime friend and bass player, whom he had played with in many musical settings and been in Gwen Sebatian’s road band with a few years prior, by the name of Jason Hoffman. Matt and Jason had been wanting to do a new music project together for a while, but there was something missing.

That something turned out to be Spencer Maige. The three got together for an impromptu jam, and they all knew and agreed immediately that this was a project they had to make happen. Since that time, the trio adopted the name “Ten Year Town”, a nod to the axiom that to be successful in Nashville, it takes at least ten years for “overnight” success.

The trio came from different States- (Minnesota, Florida, and Maine) But all made their way to the “Ten Year Town” as early as 2000, and survived the gauntlet that is the Nashville music business for the interim.

Each member has played thousands of gigs respectively, from honky tonks, playing solo or with some of Nashville’s best musicians, to arenas and stadiums backing some of Country Music’s up-and-comers like Gwen Sebastian, Blaine Larsen, Love & Theft, Danielle Peck, and opening for some of the biggest acts in the business, such as Kenny Chesney, Trace Adkins, and Charlie Daniels.

The Trio’s influences range from George Strait to Stevie Ray Vaughan to Led Zepplin, and many in between. TYT is currently working on original material, that harkens back to 90’s country sensibilities with poignant lyrics and soaring harmonies.

The first of these studio creations is to be released in 2020. Ten Year Town draws from a deep well of experience when performing live, and incorporates funny stage banter and humor that can only come from the comfort gained by 20+ years of stage time.

On-the-fly requests are fielded regularly, and rarely does TYT disappoint, as this skill is constantly honed through regular gigging in and around Nashville. Ten Year Town is truly the best of what Nashville has to offer.