Ten Year Town

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Nashville, TN: Dubbed, “Music City, USA”. It is a moniker that this city has worn proudly upon her sash for nearly 75 years. The capital city of Tennessee has been arguably the most important geographic epicenter of American music since the early 1940s, and she has seen countless courageous and ambitious souls grace her many stages, as they continually pour out their dreams, one song at a time, for the better part of the past century. For singers, pickers
and songwriters the world over, Nashville is THE place to be. It comes as no surprise, therefore, that “making it” in the Nashville music business takes time, and lots of it. This is best characterized in the common maxim that Nashville is a “ten year town”. This means that ittakes most people ten years to break through to any kind of real success, at any level, in Nashville.

For the trio of Spencer Maige, Jason Hoffman, and Matt McAtee the life of “up-and-comer” has become not just a truck stop on the highway to superstardom, but a place where the guys have stopped, laid down roots, and built their lives around playing music for thousands of people each year, from around the globe. Originally from Florida, Minnesota, and Maine, respectively, the group came together after meeting through playing Nashville’s famous honky tonk circuit, when they realized that they shared a kinship in not only music, but also experience. The guys had done so much with music, collectively. From playing in front of stadium crowds backing other artists, to writing songs with some of Nashville’s premier writers, playing the Grand Ole Opry, television appearances and more, music had taken each of these individuals each on their own great ride. But now, Spence, Matt and Jason were ready for something a little different. They were now at a point in their careers where they wanted to call their own shots, play what they loved and how they loved to play it. After only one official meeting in the early spring of 2018, where the band sang through a couple of favorites, the trio knew that there was something special in the blend of these voices. Ten Year Town was born.