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Hailing from the Hampton Roads area of Virginia, country artist Tracielynn is not afraid to make a statement with her music. Coming from a musically inclined family, Tracie knew at a very young age that singing and performing on stage was exactly what she wanted to do ­– which led her to Music City in 2019 to pursue just that. Her powerhouse vocals set her apart from the pack, but it’s her ability to be bold and honest in her approach that makes her unforgettable. Influenced by artists like Miranda Lambert, Gretchen Wilson, and Chris Stapleton.

Tracielynn strongly believes in “Keeping Country Music, Country.”

“The ‘music bug’ is something that consumed me at a very young age. I want my music to be real and raw. I don’t want my listeners just hearing it; I want them to feel it and be able to relate to it. That is what is most important to me”. – TL

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