Whiskey, Cash and Roses

Sometimes the stories are full explanations, myths, and lore. More often than not, though, the  best ones are when there's nothing to account for but great taste. This is that story. This is Whiskey Cash & Roses.
The kind of taste we're talking about is evident throughout every facet of the Nashville powerhouse band. From its inception, Whiskey Cash & Roses has been a unit whose tastes based in higher quality; higher quality music, higher quality execution, higher quality energy, and higher quality pursuits. Even the band's name comes simply from the things of a good taste for life. Starting as simply and innocently as a singer needing a guitarist for a weeknight gig, Whiskey Cash & Roses began its journey in 2013 (2014?) fueled by the musical and vocal one-two punch of Holland Marie and Rob Muzick in their veritable roulette wheel of genres. After a period of close friends and family moving through the lineup, the group has come into its own, rounded out by some of Nashville's hardest working, most recognizable, and most dynamic players; bassist Kim Lee, drummer Marc Maza, and keyboard wizard Brad Neher. The combination of all these players working in tandem provides a level of performance that just can't be done without the shared appreciation and comradery that you'll find in the band.
Weaving in and out of the top picks of country, rock, pop, blues, and R&B from any era, Whiskey Cash & Roses has risen to be one of the most visible and well-regarded bands playing out of the Nashville area. With an incredible rapport with crowds of any size or personality, every show can feel a little bit different, but never leaving the listener disappointed. This infectiousness always leads to invitations for Whiskey Cash & Roses to play shows spanning either coast of
the US, as well as internationally. In a time where it's hard to discern through the noise of music being everywhere and artists trying desperately to find even the smallest foothold, finding the best of them all comes down to taste. The story of Whiskey Cash & Roses has always been about quality and taste. It always will be.