Opens at 10am with 60+ Bands all CMA weekend starts at 11:30am

June 8, 2018
June 9, 2018
June 10, 2018

Country fans immerse in stage to stage of unprecedented talent in Nashville’s Music City. The Wildhorse has a performance schedule you will not witness at other venues. The energizing nuances of the next generation of country artist will be on stage all weekend. Experience the intimate engagement with performers before they hit the big time and grace arenas at some point in their career. You can have memories of them up-close-and-personal and say “remember when?” 

Friday's Line Up:


11:30-12pAcousticEvan Bartles
12:15-12:45pAcousticGeorge Ducas
1:00-1:30pAcousticKree Harrison
1:45-2:45pAcousticBLA songwriters - 60 min set
3:00-3:30pAcousticEmily Reid 
3:45-4:15pAcousticPayton Taylor 
4:30pm-5pAcousticThomas Finchum 
5:15-5:45pAcousticChase Fouraker 
6:00-6:30pAcousticMorgan Myles
7:00-7:30pElectricMaggie Baugh
7:15-7:45pElectricJericho Woods
8:00-8:30pElectricCJ Solar
8:45-9:15pElectricLauren Ashley
9:30-10:00pElectricSammy Arriaga 
11:45-12:15aElectricMadison Parks
12:30-1:00aElectricLainey Wilson 


Saturday's Line Up:


11:30-12pAcousticPresley and Taylor
12:15-12:45pAcousticJosh Melton
1:00-1:30pAcousticPayton Taylor
1:45-2:15pAcousticSarah Ames 
2:30-3:00pAcousticJamie Floyd 
3:15-3:45pAcousticNikita Karmen 
4:00-4:30pAcousticEmma White 
4:45-5:15pAcousticJacob Powell 
5:30-6:00pAcousticNoe Palma 
6:30-7:00pElectricLinde LeChance
7:15-7:45pElectricTwo Story Road - Brandon Fraley
8:00-8:30pElectricCross Atlantic
8:45-9:15pElectricRaquel Cole 
9:30-10:00pElectricScott Stevens 
11:00-11:30pElectricTyler Dial
11:45-1:00aElectricJason Michael Carroll


Sunday's Line Up:


11:30-12pAcousticShelby Lee Lowe
12:15-12:45pAcousticKristen Kelly
1:00-1:30pAcousticEmily Ann Roberts 
1:45-2:15pAcousticTaylor Phillips 
4:45-5:15pAcousticTenille Arts 
5:30-6:00pAcousticRy Bradley 
6:30-7:00pElectricSarah Lawton 
7:15-7:45pElectricThe Young Fables 
8:00-8:30pElectricBlue Honey 
8:45-9:15pElectricMatt Rogers 
9:30-10:00pElectricRuthie Collins
10:15-10:45pElectricSeth Cook 
11-11:30pElectricBarret Barber