Spring Entertainment Schedule
4:30-5:00pm Line Dance Lesson
5:30-6:00pm Line Dance Lesson
6:00-7:00pm Full Band Acoustic
7:00-7:30pm Line Dance Lesson
7:30-8:30pm Full Band
8:30-9:00pm Line Dance Lesson  
9:00-10:00pm Full Band
10:30-11:00pm Line Dance Lesson
5:30-6:00pm Line Dance Lesson

6:00-6:45pm Songwritter Acoustic Performance
7:00-7:45pm Full Band- The New Nashville Band
8:00-8:45pm Full Band-The New Nashville Band
8:45-9:00pm Line Dance Lesson
9:00-10:30pm Full Band
5:00-7:00pm Acoustic Band Set (Band One)

7:00-7:30pm Line Dance Lesson
7:30-8:30pm Full Band acoustic Set (Band Two)
8:30-9:00pm Line Dance Lesson
9:00-10:00pm Full Band Acoustic Set (Band Two)
10:00-10:30pm Line Dance Lesson
10:30-11:30pm Full Band Electric Set (Band Three)
11:30-12:00am Line Dance Lesson
12:00-1:00am Full Band Electric Set (Band Three)
12:00-1:00pm Afternoon Acoustic Set
1:00-1:30pm Line Dance Lesson
1:30-2:30pm Afternoon Acoustic Set
3:00pm Line Dance Lesson
4:00pm Line Dance Lesson (unless we are sound checking)
5:00-7:00pm Solo/Duo Acoustic Band Set (Band One)

7:00-7:30pm Line Dance Lesson
7:30-8:30pm Full Band Acoustic Set (Band Two)
8:30-9:00pm Line Dance Lesson
9:00-10:00pm Full Band Acoustic Set (Band Two)
10:00-10:30pm Line Dance Lesson
10:30-11:30pm Full Band Electric Set (Band Three)
11:30-12:00am Line Dance Lesson
12:00-1:00am Full Band Electric Set (Band Three)





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Artist Lineup

  • Sometimes the stories are full explanations, myths, and lore. More often than not, though, the  best ones are when there's nothing to account for but great taste. This is that story.
  • “I know people look at me, with my tattoos and appearance, and they don’t think I look like a country singer,” he says. “When I sing, I have gruffness to my voice that’s different than most country singers too.

  • "A full-blown country-rock concert. That's how fans describe a night with Broseph E. Lee. These musicians raise the bar high and bring a party with every song. They're wildly talented, energetic and thrive on entertaining crowds of all ages.
  • Growing up in central Illinois, Chance's passion for music was inescapable. Chance had the opportunity to perform early on with his local show choir, the Mt.

  • Cumberland Run

    These five young men are a country music tour de force! They burst onto the Nashville scene in 2014 as a house band on the Legendary Honky Tonks/Lower Broadway strip in Nashville, TN at Margaritaville!

  • David Oakleaf started singing and playing guitar at the age of 11 in the local Opry House of Howard, Kansas.   He’s been flat out layin’ it on the line ever since.  

  • Country music has always maintained an ebb and flow between pushing the genre forward with outside influences and returning back to the roots that keep the genre grounded in its history.

  • Singer/songwriter Jami Grooms is one of those performers who just lays it all out on the stage every night and lets the audience share the moment with him.

  • Larry Frick is a country music entertainer from Louisburg, North Carolina who has a voice steeped in the rich traditions of country music.  The traditions that weave stories and emotions into the very fabric of the songs he writes and sings.

  • All the way from Nashville, The Matte Gray Band consistently bring the house down with unparalleled musicianship, killer three-part harmony vocals, and a crazy party-throwing setlist.

  • Nashville-based country duo McKenzies Mill (composed of brothers Justin and Ryan Harris), known for their “Southern fried rock ’n roll,” has signed a management deal with Nashville music company Rock Ridge Music.

  • “I live to play music - It’s the universal people mover, ” says Brooklyn born singer songwriter Peter Moon.  “Making people dance,  helping them get their happy on – That’s the greatest feeling on Earth!”

  • Phil Vaught grew up in Kentucky.  The son of a Minister and from a very musical family, he was exposed to music very early in life.  He was singing in church as far back as he can remember.  At age 11, his parents bought him a drum set, a

  • For a normal 16 yr old, notable accomplishments might be good grades or getting a driver’s license. Preston James however, isn’t your normal 16 yr old. A wicked guitarist with a soulful voice and a million-dollar smile, Preston is truly something special
  • Savvy, fun, creative, adventurous, determined and delightfully unexpected are a good start, but adjectives begin to run out well before facets of SaraBeth’s artistrydo.

  • Arkansas native & former Rascal Flatts band member Tom Yankton is a musician, singer, songwriter, and entertainer who plays a variety of instruments including guitar, keyboards, harmonica, and pedal steel guitar.
  • Nashville’s Two Way Crossing has been heating things up on stage and getting buzz within the industry with their recent single, “Car Trouble”.